​Make Your Presence Felt ™  - in Boardrooms and Beyond

​​“She is edgy. She is energetic. She will engage, educate and entertain you while she delivers a message that could impact your career growth for the rest of your life: “Stand out from the Sea of Sameness or Prepare to Sink!” and “It is Safer to Stand Out than to Blend in!”



She is Elena Asgar, Top Executive Impact Coach and Branding Mentor who shows                                                                    senior executives how to elevate their leadership impact and accelerate their way to                                                                  the C-Suite by developing the corporate “It” Factor - executive charisma. Hundreds of                                                                executives in India and in 15 countries around the world welcome greater influence                                                                    and visibility, faster promotions and higher pay packages as a direct result of                                                                              leadership lessons she shares to support them in developing Next Level career skills                                                                and C-Suite calibre executive presence.

Her 7- Step proprietary ”Make Your Presence Felt ™"  System fully prepares business

leaders to handle their trickiest leadership challenges and guides them to create charismatic, compelling and consistent Leadership Brands and successfully communicate these to customers, employees, shareholders and media.

Since 1996 Elena has engaged audiences of more than 50000 people at global Fortune companies including Coca-Cola, American Express, Microsoft, Panasonic, Glaxo, Adidas, Reebok, Sony, Reliance and over 50 others. Among her clients are CEOs, VPs, and Directors, industry experts, celebrities and even a politician.


Elena’s most requested Keynotes:

1. Executive Presence : A Missing Link Between Your Performance And Promotion

2. Why Personal Brand Is No Longer An Option In Today’s Competitive World

3. Be an Exclamation Mark! Powerful Professional Branding for Ambitious Executive Women  

RESERVE ELENA AS A SPEAKER FOR YOUR UPCOMING EVENT, and see for yourself why she and her “Make Your Presence Felt ™ System are in high demand throughout today’s global business world.

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