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Our Other Programmes

VIP DAY Intensives with Elena

​Make Your Presence Felt ™  - in Boardrooms and Beyond

Since 1997, companies like Coca-Cola, Glaxo, Xerox, Adidas, American Express and over 50 others call us to help train high potential employees who reached high levels of technical mastery in their disciplines but find “soft” skills hard.Our proven and tested programmes equip them with the "Next Level" management and leadership skills.

If your organization is committed to bringing in more women into the leadership pipeline, retaining accomplished and talented women, and sending a powerful message that your company values diversity, call me to find out about "MakeYour Presence Felt in Boardrooms and Beyond" Leadership Programme. 

Women Leadership Programme

An exclusive 1-DAY, TOTAL IMMERSION Coaching Programme where you become a CENTRE OF FOCUSED ATTENTION of a “Make Your Presence Felt ™ ” Expert and 
take your Executive Impact to a level you may not have imagined till now!